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Exposed Server Responsibility

Many people do not know the kind of responsibility that comes with connecting a server to the World Wide Web.



When connecting a server, any server directly to the www (internet) it is sort of like exposing yourself to another type of www - the wild wild west. There are plenty of outlaws in them hills.

Hackers (which by definition should be termed crackers) and script kiddies abound to take over your server resources and use it for their evil bidding, and or to deface your site.

Continuing maintenance is required to help keep a server safe. It is a never ending cycle......exploits are found and used by hackers........developers fix the exploits.......hackers find other vulnerabilities........Developers fix these as well, and so on. Diligence is necessary to stay ahead of the curve, and your software up to date.


Another problem often found that can cause security problems is unnecessary services running on the server. For instance, if using ssh for administration, why have the unencrypted telnet server running if it is not going to be used(and should not be used over the internet). Reducing the services to just what is needed will reduce the chance of being compromised considerably.

Other concerns include strong passwords, file folder permissions, and the user in which a service runs as.

As you can see there is alot to think about running a server on the web. And it can take lots of time away from your other productive work. Most people with fully managed dedicated or virtual servers may not have to deal with these issues. These services however come at a premium price. WebServerMasters can take the burdon off of you and give you time to do what you do best. Our support subscription includes an initial server evaluation and two hours work to correct problems. And at just $55 USD per month is a great value - Plus a discount on extra maintenance hours.

One final thought........backups are your best friend. WebServerMasters can also automate this process for you, so if ever a problem, restore can be quick and painless with a minimum of downtime.

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