I have found a great new tool for helping to detect intrusions on servers connected to the web. It's name is OSSEC, and is like a tripwire on steroids. It also provides virtually realtime information.secure.jpg

OSSEC is a HIDS ( Hostbased Intrusion detection system) which means that it lives on the host it is monitoring, either as a server or an agent. More on agents a little later.


MySQL Database Restore

ImageIn the previous segment of this series of articles we discussed the backing up of the MySQL database with mysqldump and cron. I have since (through testing the restore process) revised the script slightly in that article. Please re read the article and add the change to your script.

Database Backup with Cron

ImageThe most important item to backup with any CMS with dynamic content is the database. Almost all data for these sites are stored in the tables within the database. Because of this it is good practice to backup the database reliably and often.

Exposed Server Responsibility

Many people do not know the kind of responsibility that comes with connecting a server to the World Wide Web.



When connecting a server, any server directly to the www (internet) it is sort of like exposing yourself to another type of www - the wild wild west. There are plenty of outlaws in them hills.

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